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Why it is safe to order products within

  1. We use digital certificates provided by Verisign
    VeriSign's Digital IDs augment security by electronically authenticating and issuing digital certificates for conducting business-to-business transactions over the Internet. VeriSign is working with its investors including Ameritech and Visa, and partners such as IBM, Netscape, Microsoft, and Oracle, to open the digital marketplace to all commerce. For more information, contact VeriSign at 415/961-7500, or visit their web site at

  2. We don't store your credit card information after shipment of your order. We do not keep your credit card number. Once an order has been processed, the number is erased from the system.

  3. Trodat GmbH will not sell, distribute, or make available any of our customer information to third parties with the exception of fulfillment partners in order to enable order processing.